Travel Spotlight: Enchanted Forest


photos by Talia Galvin

Once upon a time—in the early 1960s to be exact—a resident of Silverton, a young father of four, started formulating ideas for a theme park. When he bought 20 acres along I-5 in Turner, just south of Salem, people thought he was crazy. But, like in all fairytales, the white knight, named Roger Tofte, overcame financial obstacles, doubt and intensive physical labor. After seven years, Tofte and his family opened Enchanted Forest in 1971. Throughout the roadside forest are small fairytale worlds Tofte created by hand with care, artistic vision and many bags of cement. The park includes Tofteville Western Town, Storybook Lane, Old Europe Village, a haunted house, a comedy theatre, and whimsical rides for visitors, young and old. It has been said that all who visit the Enchanted Forest live happily ever after.

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  1. says: Bob Steiner

    We started our family in Salem and Enchanted Forest was the first ‘theme’ park our sons experienced. Great for little kids!!

  2. says: Sibyl Barnes Ballard

    My parents went to school in Silverton with Roger Tofte and we LOVE this little place . . . I took my kids here when they were little and now I cannot wait to bring my grandkids there . . . this summer we will be taking them for the first time (ages 6,5, and 2) Thanks for building such a cute little place for us to enjoy

  3. says: Lisa Jodoin

    Enchanted forest is the best place ever! I went many times when I was a kid. My kids love enchanted forest as well. In fact I think we will be there again this summer! ❤