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written by Julie Lee | photo courtesy of Meriwether’s Skyline Farm 


Harboring a hangover or just extra hungry for a hearty start to a weekend day? The Portland dining scene is robust enough to satisfy all—from dainty dish seeking foodies to the host of Man vs. Food. Here are some of our top recommendations. *

Meriwether’s Skyline Farm

Farm-fresh goodness served fireside in winter and on a green patio in summer is one of Portland’s best brunch haunts. The Dungeness crab benedict, when they have it, embodies perfection, especially when paired with a “Bloody Meri.”

2601 NW Vaughn St. |

Old Market Pub & Brewery

One of the hands-down best value spots in town. Old Market Pub serves $6 breakfast burritos built for an offensive lineman and offers $3 pint-sized bloody marys all day every Sunday. The mimosas aren’t bad either, made with Old Market’s in-house sparkling Chardonnay. Great spot to watch your favorite NFL team pummel the opponent.

6959 SW Multnomah Blvd. |

Gigi’s Cafe

Chalk up another Cinderella success story in the cart-to-mortar game. Gigi’s is one of the best newcomers to the breakfast scene in years! The success comes from waffles, and every guest gets a sample within five minutes of being seated. Of the eight waffles served, our favorite is the milk & honey waffle with toasted pistachios. Check it out now, before the army of breakfast-seekers creates a queue.

6320 SW Capitol Hwy.|

Screen Door

We wouldn’t be doing our job here if we didn’t give a shout out to bike city’s godfather of brunch. Screen Door started the trend toward Southern comfort food, and a decade later, still does it better than anyone. The fried chicken and waffle dish is what that line around the block is all about. But listen up, good news. Screen Door is now open seven days a week, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2337 E. Burnside St. |

Stepping Stone

It’s about the Mancakes baby. Man vs. Food couldn’t finish them and neither could we, but it’s always fun trying. What’s understated at the Stone are the omelettes, with ingredients you wouldn’t expect at the dive-like joint, such as portabellas and artichoke hearts. With a slogan like “we eat here because we let you,” there’s nothing fancy here, just hearty plates full of food to pair with hair of the dog.

2390 NW Quimby St. |


*Yes – we realize we omitted Portland’s latest obsession, The Feisty Lamb. Savory somethings for the daintiest of eaters, lousy service.

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  1. says: KK

    You are spot on as always
    Including some old favorites to remind us of great brunches pasta and a few new locales to try
    Thank you for sharing a few of your haunts with your unique charming voice !

  2. says: Theresa

    Great to see so many faves. It may be my two teen boys, but TILT is needing a nod. Not only the Pearl hipster haven, but for walk in, sit down weekend eats you can't beat Swan Is location.

  3. says: Kay

    Thank you for not stating the obvious spots to am dine and doing so in such a delightful manner
    You have only so much space to share your pursuits – perhaps a sequel once you digest the cakes

  4. says: Andy

    Much agreed about the Fiesty Lamb, slow service and 4 dollar sized pancakes with a tablespoon of syrup, left me hungry and dissatisfied.

  5. says: Corey

    The fact that the Feisty Lamb was not just omitted but actually bashed upset me. Do you base your opinion on one meal? I have been there four times and never has a bad experience. In fact It was way more memorable than the meal I had at stepping stone cafe.