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Duck standout and two-time NCAA champion Jordan Hasay ran in her second Olympic Trials last week. Though she did not make the team in the women’s 1500m, the U of O junior gained valuable experience that should serve her well four years down the road. 

Name: Jordan Hasay

Sport/Event: Track and Field – 1500m and 5000m

Age: 20

Hometown: Arroyo Grande, CA

Current Residence: Eugene, OR


How did you get started in your sport?

I started out running because my PE coach noticed I was beating all of the boys during PE classes. I joined the junior high track team in the fourth grade and fell in love with it from there.

What are some notable highs from your career?

I raced in the 2008 Olympic Trials when I was sixteen years old. I made the finals of the 1500m and set the national high school record. Winning the NCAA team title three years in a row with Oregon has been awesome.

What is the lowest point you’ve experienced? How did you bounce back?

Last year at the 2011 NCAAs I doubled in both the 1500m and 5000m and had a terrible meet. My coaches and family helped me to keep perspective and kept believing in me when I was down.

What are your goals, both short term and long term?

I’d like to do well in the Olympic Trials and get a PR. Long term I would like to help the Oregon women win an outdoor NCAA title in 2013. 

Would 2012 be your first Olympic team? If not, what is your fondest Olympic memory?

Yes, this would be my first team. The 2008 Olympic Trials were the best event I have ever been to. I cannot wait for the Trials this time around!

Have you competed in any major international championships before? How did you fare?

I competed in the World Youth Championships and got the silver medal in the 1500m. I also finished fourth twice in the World Junior Championships 1500m.

What surprises have you experienced in your career?

I feel like with every race and every opportunity comes a new surprise. You never know what is going to happen. I think that’s why I enjoy the sport so much.

What brought you to Oregon?

Oregon has a long history as a fantastic school for distance runners and I loved the team environment when I visited. Also, academically I am majoring in Business and I really enjoy going to school here and balancing both academics and athletics.

What is your favorite thing about Oregon athletically?

I just love running with my teammates and going to practice every day. Each practice is challenging because everyone is so good. It pushes you to a higher level. 

How do you juggle being a student-athlete and Olympic hopeful?

It is definitely time consuming, but I try to manage things well by planning ahead. The professors here are very helpful and they understand my commitment to track and provide me with great support.

What sacrifices do you have to make?

I don’t feel like I have to sacrifice anything to be the athlete that I am. I believe that I have been given a gift from God and not to use that gift would be a waste. I love the lifestyle that comes with being disciplined and giving everything I have each day.

Has NCAA competition ever limited your long-term athletic goals?

It is definitely difficult to balance NCAA competition and the long term goals of competing with the professionals during the summer. However, I am still young and I try to remember that I have lots of years ahead of me. College will only be four years so I have tried to enjoy each moment.

Do you see yourself competing after your college career is over?

I would love to keep competing. Becoming a professional athlete would be my ultimate dream job.

When you’re not training or competing, what do you like to do?

I really enjoy reading and cooking and just being with my family.

Favorite hangout? 

Mostly I just enjoy being home and relaxing because I am away so much for competitions.

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