The Best of the Fests: Coded Bias (+ Q&A)

01/15/2021 - 01/21/2021

All Day

Ashland Independent Film Festival

When MIT Media Lab researcher Joy Buolamwini discovers that most facial-recognition software misidentifies women and darker-skinned faces, she delves into an investigation of widespread bias in algorithms.

“Thought-provoking. ‘Coded Bias’ serves as both a wake-up call (to invasive practices the public doesn’t yet realize are being implemented) and a call to action.” Peter Debruge, Variety

Directed by Shalini Kantayya; 90 minutes

(AIFF Film Center window features a design inspired by the subject matter of Coded Bias, January’s Best of the Fests selection, including binary coded signage, QR video links, and more. Visit each month for fun or evocative displays & information.)

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