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7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Annie Bloom's Books

Paulson has published strange fiction for decades. BigFoot Moon: formerly The American Quarterly Review looks like a magazine. Sir Francis Drake visited Oregon?

In previous reading of the digital version—projected on a screen—Paulson fastened on moments where annoying things pop up in the text or where graphics turn into little videos. And where a detective pursued a murder suspect.

But at Annie Bloom’s (No. 7th) he’ll concentrate on the print version of a legend—displayed in a alien alphabet. It tells the story of Sir Francis Drake’s landing on the Oregon coast in 1579. This is actually the key to deciphering the plot. The editor of the magazine, Bill Caxton, when he waded a shore in 1958 at Manzanita as a Beatnik sailor, unknowingly fulfilled an ancient prophecy.

Paulson formerly directed the MFA Program in Fiction writing at Portland State University.

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