online mountain survival class

08/08/2018 - 08/15/2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Online Mountain survival class starts August 8th

1.Mountain Terrain, Weather, and Hazards

2.Mountain Living

3.Mountaineering Equipment

4.Mountain Climbing

5.Movement Over Snow And Ice

6.Mountain Walking Techniques

7.Mountain Stream Crossing

8.Mountain Rescue and Evacuation

9.Avalanche Danger in the Mountains

11.How to Avoid an Avalanche

12.Crossing Through the Mountains

13.If the roads are out, and disaster is so widespread that you have no choice but to flee over the nearest mountain range, you’re going to have a hard road ahead of you.

14. The Adventure begins

15.Tips for Traveling Over Snow: Your Footing is Important

16.How to Build Snowshoes from Scratch

17.Setting Up Camp

18.X Factors: Remote Cabins

19.Recon: Do Your Homework

20.Additional Dangers in the Mountains

21.Finally, Let’s Talk Cold Mountain Food

22.While you’re still in the lowlands, make it top priority to take down a large deer or elk or other big game. Harvest your kill, smoke and dry enough meat to last a few weeks, and you’ll now be ready for your trip to the mountains.

23.other food options

24.Specific Gear for Winter in the Mountains

25.Space blankets and cold weather survival


27. Whitewater



30.Broken bone


32.Think and plan ahead

33.Pack light and smart

34.Don’t climb alone

35.Bring the basic essentials

36.the other essentials

37.Fuel up

38.Rely on skills and not on technology

39.Have a strong will to survive

cost be $25.00 per adult 8.00 per child 50.00 per family and group

contact [email protected] or call me at 208-351-3407

my class will be on google class I will give you code for class

google class
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