online basic camping class

09/06/2018 - 09/13/2018

6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

google class

online basic camping class September 6th

1.Making Your Bed

2. Basic Equipment need for camping

3.More About Bedding

4.Sheets, Blankets, And Pillows

5.Campsite Shelters

6.What Kind Of Tent?

7.Staking The Tent

8.Setting Up Camp

9.Now We’re Camping

10.Dealing With Outdoor Pests

11.Cozy Campfires

12.Leave No Trace

13. Kitchen Duty

14.Breaking Camp

15.Returning Home

16.Gear Storage

17. camping checklist

18. Basic Tent Camping

19. Camping minimalist

20.Campsite Camping

21.Festival Camping

22.Wild Camping


24. Before your first camping trip

25.Cooking outdoors

26. Helpful tips for fellow campers

27. how to care for your tent

28. Family camping tips

29. 10 Unwritten Camping Rules to Remember

30.Top 5 Basic Campsite Amenities

31.Bonus: Access to Local Food

$17.00 per adult $5.00 per child and $30.00 group or family

contact [email protected] or call me at 208-351-3407

my class will be on google class I will give you code for class

google class
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