Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Otsuki Koukun


10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Portland Japanese Garden

Dozens of hand-carved masks by Otsuki Koukon and several elegant brocade costumes from the traditional silk looms of Orinasu-kan in Kyoto bring the elusive world of Noh drama to Portland in the exhibition Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Otsuki Koukon. This aristocratic form of theater art is vastly different from the exuberant peoples’ art form of Kabuki. Solemn and slow-moving, the stories often depict famous historical characters and restless spirits who return to Earth to settle unresolved issues that haunt the consciousness of the living. In his quiet studio tucked away on a Kyoto backstreet, Mr. Otsuki is one of a handful of professional Noh mask carvers working today.

Mirrors of the Mind: The Noh Masks of Otsuki Koukon

October 14th-December 11th 2017

Tuesday-Sunday 10am-4pm; Monday 12pm-4pm (or Regular Garden hours)

Price is included with Admission at the Portland Japanese Garden



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