Melissa Ruth\’s Midnight Darlins

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6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Oran Mor Artisan Mead

Melissa Ruth’s Midnight Darlins will be performing at Roseburg’s Oran Mor Artisan Meads on Saturday January 25, 2020
Social Hour 5-6pm
Music 6-8pm
10$ cover
information and reservations 505-310-1525

On Saturday January 25, Melissa Ruth and her husband, Johnny Leal will bring their signature “Doo Wop Twang” sound to a Roseburg audience in the cozy listening room.

Relying on Leal’s blues sensibilities and Ruth’s smoky vocals and incendiary lyrics, the duo cover a wide range of musical territory from blues to folk to outlaw country. Over the years, Ruth’s songwriting has been most commonly likened to that of Lucinda Williams while guitarist Johnny Leal has been commended for his ability to relish the space between the notes.

Husband and wife duo Melissa Ruth and Johnny Leal are local music teachers for the Sutherlin School District and the North Douglas School District, respectively. When they are not teaching they tour throughout the American West and Southwest.

Last March Ruth independently released Meteor, a blues-rock album that marks the pair’s third album as collaborators. The album has received national and international press and airplay since it’s release including two 5-Star reviews from Roots Music Report and a video premiere from Glide Magazine in which it was noted that: “there is an old soul vibe to [Ruth’s] music, but she also comes across as contemporary in ways that bring to mind the quieter works of acts like the Alabama Shakes.”

Watch Melissa’s video for You Are Not Alone, shot in and around Yoncalla, OR.

The Midnight Darlins play at Oran Mor January 25, 2020
Social Hour 5:00-6:00pm
Music 6:00-8:00pm
VIDEO PREMIERE: Melissa Ruth Meditates on Loneliness With Soulful Blues Tune “You Are Not Alone” – Glide Magazine
Melissa Ruth’s music lies somewhere along that stretch of

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