Crab Fisheries Day


10:00 am

Oregon Coast Aquarium

Visitors to the Oregon Coast Aquarium will have something to get crabby about on December 27. Crab Fisheries Day will offer guests the opportunity to engage in claws-on learning about Oregon’s crab fisheries and the Aquarium’s Dungeness crabs.

Aquarists will host crab presentations and dissections so that guests can get up close and personal with the crustaceans. Crab-themed kids’ activities include crafts, story-time, and games. Experience an extra taste of Crab Fisheries Day with the Dungeness Crab Special to be served by our café.

The Aquarium is hosting the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, NOAA, Oregon State Parks, the Coast Guard Axillary, and Oregon State University’s Marine Resource Management Program. All aspects of Dungeness crab will be covered at their displays, from live animals with information on anatomy and behavior, to their role as one of Oregon’s most important commercial fisheries, to the marine and estuarine environments that nurture them. The day will conclude with a free raffle based on guest’s newly acquired crab knowledge.

Crab Fishery Day activities are free with Aquarium admission.

Oregon Coast Aquarium
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