Chef in My Garden – Farm Spirit (Vegan)


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Growing Gardens

Join us for Chef in My Garden 2019, a series of extraordinary dinners created by Portland’s top chefs with outstanding Oregon wineries. The dinners are hosted in stunning private gardens, all to benefit the local nonprofit Growing Gardens.

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Information about the dinner:
You would never expect an impressive garden this size could be located within the Portland city limits! Celine Fitzmaurice and Larry Olson’s Mt. Tabor garden, where Japanese influence meets English garden in an edible landscape, is full of plants with an eye toward four season color. The garden unfolds with each step further into the space. Additionally, you can tour Larry’s studio and immerse yourself in the intimate landscapes of his signature photographs. We paired this spectacular garden with Aaron Adams, co-chef and owner of Farm Spirit. Aaron moved to Portland in 2005, where he discovered veganism, which spoke to his heart and his stomach. Unfortunately, he did not think it would speak to the greater dining public. So he quit. After a stint as a machinist, he went back to cooking, eventually opening the very successful Portobello Vegan Trattoria in 2008. Twenty years after his first foray into the restaurant world, Aaron opened Farm Spirit in 2015, a true expression of his desire to create an oasis for “anyone and everyone to gather in an authentic and intimate setting, and just appreciate what’s been growing around us.”

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