Chef in My Garden – Erizo (Pescatarian)


4:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Growing Gardens

Break bread and create community!

Join us for Chef in My Garden 2019, a series of extraordinary dinners created by Portland’s top chefs with outstanding Oregon wineries. The dinners are hosted in stunning private gardens, all to benefit the local nonprofit Growing Gardens.

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Tucked away in the Southwest Hills of Portland, Susan Denman’s exquisite garden will surely delight guests. This Smithsonian documented acre and a half garden surrounds an 1897 farmhouse with historical charm. Additionally, happy hour will be held in the neighboring garden of Lisa and David Platt. Guests will have an opportunity to enjoy their drinks while walking the sloping pathways of the Jane Platt Garden. This astounding two and a half acre garden sits in the backyard of the Platt family’s 1942 home, built by preeminent Northwest regional modernist architect Pietro Belluschi. Guests will make their way back to Susan’s for dinner and see how her garden contrasts formal structure with loose plantings: a knot garden planted with herbs, a walled vegetable garden, a native wildflower meadow, and borders of heirloom roses, lavender and hydrangeas. In this lovely garden, you will enjoy delicious dishes created Jacob Harth, chef and owner of hyper-sustainable seafood restaurant Erizo. Jacob Harth grew up on a farm in southern Oregon; now, he uses his foraging skills and commercial fishing license to bring unexpected ingredients to Portland diners. Named a 2019 Eater Young Gun, and a veteran of several prominent Portland kitchens, Jacob focuses on acquainting his guests with by-catch, native, and invasive species from the state’s shores.

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