Brunch with Bubbles


9:30 am - 11:30 am

Barley & Vine Tavern

Sparkling wine has been associated with celebrations and romance for more than 300 years (not to mention a welcome addition to Sunday Brunch); and when we think of sparkling wine for special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, we most often think of Champagne.

But Champagne is not the world’s only sparkling wine- nor was it the first. In fact, wines from Champagne got off to a rather rocky start, and might never have become what it is today if it weren’t for wool merchants, a widow, a couple of monks, and the Royal Navy.

Are you intrigued?

Then join Sommelier Maxine Borcherding for Brunch with Bubbles: a fun, tasty, and educational journey through the origin of sparkling wines, the people, the inventions and the discoveries that made them possible; the diverse ways that sparkling wines are made, their versatility with food, the wonderful range of styles and flavors to choose from, and how sparkling wines can fit into every budget.

Brunch items to pair with the wines will be served.

Maxine Borcherding, Sommelier,
Lead Chef Instructor, Oregon Culinary Institute
Wine Educator, Taste and Compare Academy of Wine, Food and Spirits

Barley & Vine Tavern
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