Bridge City Improv: An evening of improv comedy with Future Cool, Moneypenny, & Broad Selection


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Chapel Theatre

BCI brings Portland’s best comedic minds together at theaters throughout the metro area. On April 6th, BCI heads to Milwaukie’s Chapel Theatre, with three great groups.
Named after a paint color, FUTURE COOL is what happens when you combine the remarkable talents of Tony Marcellino and Kerry Leek. One is for sure cooler than the other, and the other is from the future. Combining decades of experience playing with the best improv teams in town, Future Cool focuses on funny, quirky improv with a huge side of cool.
Rose Bonomo, whose parents are the couple on which the FX/Netflix show “The Americans” is based, grew up with a skewed idea of family, love, and plot line. Malcolm McClinton, raised by coyotes in Taos, New Mexico, also struggled to find connection, good denim, and leafy green vegetables. No one knows what brought them together. Fate? Luck? Salad? Whatever it was, they consider themselves fortunate to be here and delighted to get to spend some time with you in their present incarnation: MONEYPENNY.
BROAD SELECTION was originally formed by the women of the Brody Theater ensemble in 2003. They’ve presented many theatrical formats over the years, each of which has centered on sharing true personal stories and using group movement and improv to weave funny—and often poignant—stories.

Chapel Theatre
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