Salishan Getaway Package

Salishan Coastal Lodge spa


Enter for a chance to win a getaway to Salishan Coastal Lodge on the Oregon Coast!

One winner will receive:

  • A two-night stay at Salishan for up to two guests in a king guest room.
  • Two Coastal Remedy spa treatments.

Sweepstakes runs through April 30. Blackout dates may apply. Package is valid for one year from issue date.

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  1. says: Catelyn Hudson

    Ohhhh the thought of a so much needed, vacation just me and my 12yo daughter after several years apart… she would be over the moon! She’s been such a good girl and truely deserves this too! Middle school has been so rough on her in her first year and after working endless hours myself and her rough start in a new area where we live now, in the city, this could so much help us re-center & fight through another year♡ bless the heart of the lovely people who even put together this sweepstakes! Can’t wait for the response! Either way, we are just grateful to be apart of the experience & it shows us a place worth visiting when the opportunity arises! God bless!

  2. says: Charles & Pamala Forsyth

    Thank You 1859 Oregon’ Magazine For All The Hard Work And Dedication That You Put Into Your Product. And Good Day To All Of You Hard Working Folks At 1859 Oregon’s Magazine And As Well As Your Families. And Please Have A Safe And Warm Summer. Sincerely Yours Mr. Charles F. & Mrs. Pamala M. Forsyth Of Tigard/King City Oregon. (05/01/2023)

  3. says: Tracy H.

    I remember staying at the Salishan with my parents in 1969 when i was 7 years old. I thought that it was a palace. Great memory. I would love a getaway for me and dear husband.

  4. says: Anonymous

    Sure could use some time away. Even if for just a couple days. Never been and hear it’s lovely. Would certainly like to find out

  5. says: Linda

    The folks stayed every year for almost as long as I’ve been married to their son. Coming up on 49 years. I always wanted to stay but never got the opportunity. Such a beautiful site.

  6. says: Anonymous

    I love Salishan! The spa there is so dreamy. It’s been years since I’ve been and in crossing my fingers I win this trip!

  7. says: Carla Inman

    We enjoyed a three/day golf clinic at Salishan many years ago. We loved the resort and met so
    many nice people. Would love to go again!

  8. says: Diana

    Omg! I’ve been greiving 3 years now,so many of my loved ones have passed away! Would love a chance for some me time. Thank you

  9. says: Haley Jones

    My husband and I would love a little weekend escaped to reconnect and enjoy the coast from this beautiful resort we’ve always wanted to stay at! Here’s hoping! cheers!

  10. says: Sara Burch-Marquez

    We had our entire wedding festivities held at Salishan and it was a dream come true!! Would love to go back for our anniversary!

  11. says: Elise

    I treasure the best memories of our time at the Salisha property. The beauty of its grounds refreshes the soul, the spa treatments rejuvenate the cells, the rocking chairs by the fire pits captivate the panorama and then, there is the serene golf course. Days of heaven on Salisha

  12. says: Val Murphy

    We stayed at Salishan a couple years ago, it has been my wish to return ever since. As you arrive, it’s just a beautiful throwback to calm times. All the wood and glass and decor is so peaceful, then the walk through the trees to the beach, perfection!

  13. says: Kathy Betts

    It always looks like it would be a amazing experience to stay at this beautiful resort on our way to see family

  14. says: Rob

    This would make a great getaway for me and my pregnant wife due with our first and only child. Our daughter will be here in July and we might just name her “1859” if we win. That’s right. Unashamedly pulling out all the stops here…

  15. says: Michelle

    What a great giveaway! Our happiness is getaway at the amazing Salishan Lodge! Let the waves hit your feet & the sand be your seat.

  16. says: Anonymous

    We would love a trip down the coast! Having a baby in September and can’t do much over the summer, Relaxing at a nice place sounds amazing!!

  17. says: sarah Eaves

    So would love a get away to rejuvenate with my husband Life has been Tough lately. And the Ocean is calling we have not been any where in a long time .

  18. says: Candyce L Corcoran

    I have stopped by the shopppes but never had the privilege of staying the night at Salishan. What a lovely treat this would be for a romantic get away! <3

  19. says: Tracy

    Would love to come visit the coast and explore the trails plus town for art & restaurants and enjoy a round of golf!!! ⛳️️‍♀️

  20. says: Anna Bailey

    I I’m originally from the Oregon coast and would really love this vacation! My husband and I have four kids and never get a chance to get away so this would be perfect for us!

  21. says: Janet

    I love the Oregon Coast! I grew up in Coos Bay and the military took me away to crisscross the US. Currently in Louisiana where I count down the days until another visit to the coast is in sight. I always drive by Salishan on the way back to the airport, I always think “I’ve got to stop and check that place out,” but I never have time. It looks beautiful.

  22. says: Antoinette

    Yes please !!! I’ve been dreaming of staying in such a magical place! Our 20th wedding anniversary is coming up so this would be such a blessing. Thank you for doing such a wonderful giveaway!

  23. says: Anonymous

    I remember driving by Salishan on our honeymoon almost 35 years ago and thinking that it would be a lovely place to stay. A getaway sounds delightful.

  24. says: Jo

    Lived in Oregon my whole life and never have had an opportunity to stay here. When my grandmother was alive she loved to come over and eat lunch and shop at Salishan. One of her favorite places she’d bring me as a teenager.

  25. says: Morgan Smith

    I’d love to win and gift this to my parents. They celebrated 49 years married this year and I would love for them to enjoy time away together.

  26. says: Dania VanderMeer

    I’ve always wanted to check out your coastal lodge! Looks like an enchanting place for a getaway with someone special.

  27. says: Mason T. Westmoreland

    Two loved ones looking for a beautiful place to find a treasure in sight. Finding the right place with comfort is equality in life. To be a dreamer is not reality without really getting to know a place in a memory of love.

  28. says: Pam

    I loved living in Lincoln City as a young girl before it even became a city. Salad ham is that mystical place I dreamed of staying at some day. This summer I’m flying back to my beloved Oregon for my 50th HS class reunion. I would love the chance to go stay at your resort and explore the town I called home again.

  29. says: Anonymous

    Oregon is our happy place! My husband & I can’t think of a better place to celebrate our 2023 Milestones (birthdays, wedding anniversary, retirement) then at the Salishan Coastal Lodge!

  30. says: Patricia Dutcher

    We are breast and prostate cancer survivors (so far) and this could be such a wonderful memory to treasure for the rest of our days.

  31. says: Will Stearmer

    Makes me miss home. Also makes me want to to explore places that I never visited growing up and living there.

  32. says: Mindy

    This would be a wonderful gift getaway to bring my two granddaughters to start a new tradition with a spa experience adventure to the Oregon Coast

  33. says: Anonymous

    Thank you for all the articles and tips on travel in Oregon. We are lucky to live in such a beautiful and varied state.

  34. says: JANINE M COOPER

    Oh what a treat this would be! I’d love to take my boyfriend and spoil him because he does so much for me

  35. says: Anonymous

    Living paycheck to paycheck, I haven’t taken a vacation in over 12 years. I’m burned out! This would be a reward I can get used to.

  36. says: MargaretAnn Rice

    We love visiting the Oregon coastal area, beautiful. Try to make the trip from Central Washington several times a year. Would love to win this getaway giveaway!

  37. says: Tamara Clohessy

    Driven by it when my parents lived up
    that way and have always wondered what it was like! Would love to go!

  38. says: JoAnn Lear

    It has been a long winter in the Blue Mts. Of Oregon. I am currently looking out the window at over a foot of snow in our meadow. The thought of watching the waves on the water and blue sky sounds heavenly❤️