Enter the Oregon Trail Contest

Head out on an adventure along the Oregon Trail with this exciting contest package!

This three-day trip will take you to Baker City, Hood River and Oregon City.

One winner will receive:

Destination #1 Baker City

One (1) night stay at Geiser Grand Hotel for two (2)

$75 Gift certificate to Barley Brown’s Brew Pub

Two (2) passes to the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center

Destination #2 Hood River

One (1) night stay at Best Western Hood River Inn for two (2)

$100 Gift certificate to Pfriem Brewery

Two (2) passes to the Hood River History Museum

Destination #3 Oregon City

One (1) night stay at the Benson Hotel in Portland for two (2)

$75 Gift certificate to the Oregon City Brewing Company

Two (2) passes to the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center



The Oregon Trail Contest begins September 4, 2018 (12:00 a.m. PST) and continues through September 30, 2018 (11:59 p.m. PST). Contest winner is responsible for own transportation to/from each destination. Cannot be combined with any other package/special/promotion. Participation in this promotion is subject to the Contest Rules.


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  1. says: Meredith

    Oregon truly is the most beautiful state! I took my first plane ride this year… to Florida and back. Coming back, I had a window seat and I stared out the window the entire trip home looking at all of the states we passed over. When we hit Oregon the sight was breathtaking. Oregon is just as beautiful from the air as it is from the ground!

  2. says: Anonymous

    Two plus years ago I suffered the sudden death of my husband. We had 42 wonderful years as friends, lovers and husband and wife. At 63 I find myself starting my lifevover again. Yeah…this would be nice. Thank you.

  3. says: Shawna Moore Valerio

    My great great grandparents on my grandfather’s side, Washington & Mary Cardwell, and their children came in 1858 on the Applegate Trail to Canyonville. My grandfather was born in Roseburg. Then on my grandmother’s side, her parents came in 1872 via a train to San Francisco, then a boat to Coos County with their oldest children. My grandmother was born in Coos County.

  4. says: Donna Bonn

    Both sides of my family immagrated to Oregon on the 1845 wagon train. I’m definitely a daughter of Oregon Pioneers and love Oregon history!

  5. says: CF

    Oregon, I love…My Mom was born in Hood River and is buried there…I’d like to be able to go visit her grave and visit living relatives in HR. My Aunt that lives in HR will be 102 this year… My grandmother was born in a log cabin in HR in 1899. I grew up in PDX. Moved away, years ago…Thank for hosting a contest…who ever wins will makes some great memories.

  6. says: Cheryl Bland:)

    These three stops are a fabulous snapshot of Oregon. All three museums are on my must see list. this 7th generation Oregonian loves this type of adventure!! I enjoy your magazine and variety of articles you provide!

  7. says: Margaret

    I remember being a very excited 4-year-old celebrating Oregon’s Centennial in Independence, watching the wagon train come through town. My mother made me my very own little prairie dress and hat. It would be wonderful to visit the other stops along The Trail again!

  8. says: Rosemary Griffith

    I work in the Columbia River Gorge and have heard many stories about the Oregon Trail. I would love to make the trek (if only for a few days).

  9. says: Susan Hathaway

    We Rode with 3 of the Wagon Trains for the 150th Anniversary of the Oregon Trail. This trip would be awesome for us as there was no wagons for the 175th.

  10. says: Anonymous

    My little Grandson is living in HR ,my Ganddoughter will be born this month there and I have Friends in Baker, Portland and HR !It would be great to visit them .

  11. says: Larry "Chad" Chadwick

    I have been all over this beautiful America. BUT there is no state that offers more diverseness, warm friendly people and fascinating scenery! Win the trip or not…. we are already winners!

  12. says: Nanci Cross

    We also have stories past down from family members about the Oregon trail
    On my mothers side they settled in Drain Oregon along side the Applegates

  13. says: Cinthia

    My great-great Fredenburg Grandparents were Oregon pioneers. They came to Oregon on a wagon train from Missouri. My other great-great Pankey grandparents were Oregon Settlers. They buried their youngest son Ross Pankey, near Baker City. After settling they came back to get the baby, and buried him in the Pankey Park Cemetery in Gold Hill, Oregon. I would love to experience a small amount of what this trip was like for the pioneers!!