Think Oregon


1859 Fashion: Liza Rietz

It was then that Rietz started to teach herself to sew. She began designing garments and brought them to Seaplane, a Portland mecca for local designers, before it closed in 2008. Her modern yet feminine designs began selling briskly and drew her into fashion full time, beginning with presenting her designs at fashion shows and then dabbling in wholesale.


Cape Kiwanda Gallery

1859 & the Cottages at Cape Kiwanda teamed up to give away a $1,000 vacation. Check out the gallery below featuring some of the amazing submissions we received. 


Ode to Oregon: One Musician’s Journey

Oregon Musician Slater Smith’s “Back O’er Oregon” is an ode to the state, and he’s singing it at every state park this summer. 


Dr. Brett Sheppard: Stalking Pancreatic Cancer

A look at an Oregon doctor locked in the battle against pancreatic cancer, the deadliest cancer in America, killing 95 percent of its victims. Dr. Brett Sheppard, professor and clinical vice-chairman of surgery at Oregon Health & Science University, gave 1859 access to ground zero in his war on cancer—the operating room, his research labs and wherever he finds an audience.


Two Pancreatic Survivors’ Stories

Oregon Health & Science University’s Dr. Brett Sheppard is on the front lines of the war against deadly pancreatic cancer. He described his determination in this fight, bringing 1859 into his operating room and research labs. In these separate online-only interviews, two of his patients with different health backgrounds offer a compelling look at what it is like to be among the rare five percent who survive the disease.


Sound Off: Suction Mining in Oregon Rivers

Suction mining is essentially the mining of gold from river bottoms using a floating craft and a motorized vacuum to suck sediment from the river floor. Proponents of the practice point to longstanding federal mining laws in their defense and beneficial studies from various sources. Opponents of suction mining say that vacuuming river bottoms upsets aquatic habitat and stirs up toxic mercury particles that eventually become part of the human food source. 


Oregon Fair Nostalgia With Extended Gallery

Nothing says summer like the classic American fair. Nostalgia pervades the air with the smell of dust and cotton candy. Last July and August, I road-tripped down the state, documenting fairs along the way, trying to hold on to summer for an eternity.