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2013 Photo Recap

  The Upland Bird Hunt Bob’s Red Mill: Oatmeal for the Soul The Good, the Bad and the Muddy Tyler Roemer Aubrie LeGault Tim LaBarge  

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Pioneer Woman

written by Kevin Max IN A WAY, IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE THAT ROSE FORSTER HOWE WOULD END UP BECOMING a medical technician, English riding instructor, butcher, fromager and soaper on a remote ranch in Eastern Oregon. True, the path there was a bit unexpected. But life doesn’t always travel in straight lines. Video by Kevin Max The night before I left to visit Rose and her husband, Darrell, in Monument, Oregon, I had memorized the route, not wanting to trot out my mobile phone in the quiet hills that rolled up to the north and middle forks of the John Day River. I’d be damned if I was going to resort to a GPS-enabled map to tell me how to get there. This scheme worked, too. Almost. I knew Rose primarily from her Facebook posts, which is to say not at all. There were entries such as, “Dropped off a…


What I’m Working On: Kerry Tymchuk

It’s not a gas-lighted cave, but the Oregon Historical Society “vault” is one of the state’s best kept secrets, closely guarded by a fifth-generation Oregonian who is no less a state treasure himself.


Goods & Gear: Valentine Gifts

There are times to eschew tradition, and there are times to embrace it. This year we want to embrace the standard Valentine gift—jewelry. Oregon jewelers are tooling away all over the state with elegant results. Get the perfect piece for any style or price.


Gary Randall’s Oregon

GARY RANDALL GOT HIS FIRST CAMERA when he was a boy in 1964. He began shooting and developing black and white film while in his 20s before making the leap into digital photography in his 40s. He has dabbled in many media forms, including painting, drawing, carving stone.


Vehicle Mileage Tax

The growing popularity of electronic cars has government officials reconsidering Oregon’s gasoline tax structure. The Oregon legislature recently established an exploratory, voluntary vehicle mileage tax pilot program for 5,000 Oregon drivers which will take effect in 2015. A vehicle mileage tax of one-and-a-half- cents-per-mile would replace the existing gas tax. What do you think about a per-mile tax?


Artist in Residence: A Caribbean Mosaic in Oregon

The blue-grey cityscape marked by tilted squares of sunlight and scarlet umbrellas does not exist, but Joachim McMillan will take you there nonetheless. He will introduce you to a thousand dancing women he has never met and take you out to sea on a sailboat he has never sailed.


Sound Off: Food & Science GMOs in Oregon

IN May of 2013, food inspectors found GMO wheat from Oregon in a shipment to Japan and Korea, countries that strictly forbid genetically modified organisms. This fueled a broader debate and legislation surrounding GMO labeling and modified crop-growing in Oregon. We caught up with Scott Dahlman (Oregonians for Food & Shelter) and Scott Bates (GMO Free Oregon) to frame the debate for us.

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Oregon City

written by Megan Oliver | featured photo by Talia Galvin My wife and I moved our family here in 1989. I spent years cyclo-commuting between my home on the edge of Oregon City and Lake Oswego before we moved our investment management firm to Oregon City in 2008. Cycling has endured as my passion. In my spare time, I’ve led bike tours and generally enjoyed the rudimentary, yet plentiful recreational biking opportunities available to my kids. A few years ago, I attended a cycle tourism studio in Clackamas County. Someone mentioned that there was no high-end bike shop nearby. I looked into it, and there was no shop in south Clackamas County, a geographical radius of 70,000 residents. The cogs started turning, and I ended up showing a five-page business plan for an Oregon City cycle shop to local developer Dan Fowler. When cycling’s Specialized offered me a dealership, I…