Think Oregon

Sienna Morris

Oregon Artist Sienna Morris

Illustrator Sienna Morris has designed a home and workshop in Portland so reflective of her style that it’s difficult to tell where she ends and her art begins.

The Well-Traveled Cerveza

For the past decade, Oregon-style beer has flowed into pint glasses in Valencia, Spain. Meet Mauricio Mata. Like many of us, he discovered home brewing on the weekends while living in Salem. Life challenges sent him to Spain for three months to reevaluate his life plan.


Haunted Oregon

Spirits of the past are present everywhere. They dwell in our lands, haunt our historic buildings and cemeteries, and inhabit our songs, literature, films and holy texts. From ancient Egypt to today’s pop culture, stories of ghosts, apparitions and spirits— whatever you call them—are found in nearly every society and every religion.

This is what it looks like in near space. Some people have mistaken pictures like this for one taken by astronauts on the International Space Station.

An Idahoan Explores the Great Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 from Near Space

I have to confess that I’m a science geek. And since 1996, I’ve been expressing my science geekiness with a high altitude balloon program that I refer to as a poorman’s space program. Essentially, it means I launch weather balloons with radio tracking equipment and automated experiments to explore the heavens, atmosphere, and ground.

Richard Taylor studies eyesight using physics

Most physicists do not also study art, but it’s a natural combination for University of Oregon research professor Richard Taylor. Taylor, 54, also has an art theory degree.