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Oregon Reader Essay: Showing Me the Way Home

Longing for family and Oregon

5 years ago

Death and Rebirth on Vista Ridge

The lilies of Vista Ridge became a symbol of my rebirth.

5 years ago

In Oregon I Learned to Live

To me the letters in Oregon stand for Overlooks, Ridges, Evergreens, Gorges, Outstanding vistas, and Nature.

5 years ago

Of Blackberries

The blackberries of my childhood are gone, replaced by houses and driveways and above-ground swimming pools and swingsets. But there…

5 years ago

Growing Up Golf

I was born in 1960 in the center of town—not literally, but culturally. Prineville Golf and Country Club was the center…

5 years ago

Nurtured by Wind and Sand

“It’s OK to wake up smiling.” That was how the Oregon Coast made me feel.

5 years ago

Oregon: Things Look Different Here

One woman shares her personal awakening after moving from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon.

5 years ago

When the Moon Landed in Oregon

He wanted to become a traveling neon sign salesman. He wanted to bring neon to every nook and cranny of…

6 years ago