Category: Oregon Readers Essays

Oregon Reader Essay: Showing Me the Way Home

Longing for family and Oregon

Death and Rebirth on Vista Ridge

The lilies of Vista Ridge became a symbol of my rebirth.

In Oregon I Learned to Live

To me the letters in Oregon stand for Overlooks, Ridges, Evergreens, Gorges, Outstanding vistas, and Nature.

Of Blackberries

The blackberries of my childhood are gone, replaced by houses and driveways and above-ground swimming pools and swingsets. But there…

Growing Up Golf

I was born in 1960 in the center of town—not literally, but culturally. Prineville Golf and Country Club was the center…

Nurtured by Wind and Sand

“It’s OK to wake up smiling.” That was how the Oregon Coast made me feel.

Oregon: Things Look Different Here

One woman shares her personal awakening after moving from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon.

When the Moon Landed in Oregon

He wanted to become a traveling neon sign salesman. He wanted to bring neon to every nook and cranny of…



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