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Folk-pop Schnitzel

Ever longed for a sequel to The Sound of Music? Pine no more.

Angular Indie

Portland is known as the hub of pioneering Oregon music. Four hours south, in Medford, one of the most innovative…

Bend Luthier Andrew Mowry Crafts Custom Instruments

The life of a luthier tells a story of discipline, detail and patience, in a world that is increasingly bent…

Portland Band Creates a Folk-Influenced Orchestral Sound

Though this iteration of Alameda has been playing together for only a year, the maturity and melding of the band’s…

Oregon Musician: Broken Down Guitars

There's a lot of noise coming from Bend, and the barn-raising sounds of Broken Down Guitars are some of the…

Philippe Bronchtein and the next Great American Experience

Philippe Bronchtein (aka Hip Hatchet) is writing the next Great American Experience. In the style of Jack Kerouac, Bronchtein's songs…

Oregon Symphony Musician Jen Arnold

She picked up a violin when she was 4, then living in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio.

Musician Spotlight: Radiation City

When it comes to pop, Radiation City gets it.

Top Eight Oregon Music Festivals: Summer 2014

From Portland to Sweet Home, the best lineups this season.

Portland Practice Spaces

From basements and small living rooms to lofts overlooking the city, great music is created in surprising places.



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