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Máscaras Lets Its Music Speak for Itself

Máscaras brings instrumental psych rock to the fore.

Albany Musician Chases the “Americana Dream”

Chris J. Arellano chases the “Americana Dream” with a blend of influences.


The Shook Twins leave their roots but carry them forward.

Richard Swift’s Sprawling Musical World

written by Phil Nelson Richard Swift's musical world is sprawling. In addition to releasing numerous solo albums, he’s produced well-received albums…

Cool Cabaret

Have you eve thought your cocktail or dinner could use a little extra spice? Add a dash of cabaret in…

Buzz Martin: The Singing Logger

With a gravelly voice telling tales of whistle-punks and hooktenders, cork boots and mollies, Buzz Martin's songs describe felling Oregon…

6 Summer Music Festivals

The return of summer means the return of some of the best music festivals in the Pacific Northwest.

Portland Band Creates a Heatwave This Winter

With their sophomore album Heatwave, Portland band Wild Ones hones their craft.

Highway 97 Trip Tracks

Oregon tunes for the journey.

Spiritually Sound

Singer Liz Vice will win you over in one of two ways.



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