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Musician: The Slants

The Slants' 8-year battle for the trademark for their name ended June 19th when the Supreme Court ruled in their…

DJ Spooky: Heart of a Forest

The musician Paul D. Miller, better known as DJ Spooky, is premiering a new hybrid work called the “Heart of…

Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond consists of lead singer-songwriter Ritchie Young and many band members and instruments.

The Domestics

The Domestics would call themselves “a working-class band,” in the same way that domestic beer is working-class beer.

Old and New Songs About Our Beloved Oregon

From Johnny Cash to Sufjan Stevens, many songwriters have been inspired by the state of Oregon.

MOsley WOtta

Jason Graham created his stage name, MOsley WOtta (a.k.a., MO WO), from the idea that every human is made mostly…

Musician: WL

WL is a Portland dream-pop trio, creating improvisational music that pairs well with visual art components.

Musician: My Brothers And I

Brothers Erik and Scott Wurgler never thought about being in a band together until they heard their youngest brother, David,…

The Sounds of September in Portland

Portland's bringing in some quality acts this month and these are the ones that can't be missed.

Sing for the Underrepresented

Natasha Kmeto's R&B beats and thoughtful lyrics bring forward underrepresented identities.



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