Oregon: Fact or Fiction

What is Oregon really known for and does it square with reality?

6 years ago

Highway 197 from The Dalles to Maupin

Southbound out of The Dalles, Highway 197 turns up from the Columbia River, curving through the gently rolling terrain of…

7 years ago

Rodeo Life: Buffoonery, Bulls and Bravery

Rodeo clowns are actors performing dangerous improvisational theater before live audiences. Wearing multicolored masks layered in gaudy grease paint, they…

7 years ago

Perserverence: The Journey of Chinese in Oregon

From their table at the Golden Horse Restaurant in Portland’s Chinatown, Mary Leong, a youthful 90 year old, and Fred Wong,…

7 years ago

The World According to Homer Davenport

In 1892, a twenty dollar gold piece was sewn into the back of a jacket, worn by a gangly youth,…

7 years ago

Oregon Dorymen and the Best Season that Never Happened

In the early and mid 1970s, hundreds of dory fishermen set off from Pacific City in a quest that generously…

7 years ago

The Oregon Drift Boat

Along the Rogue and McKenzie rivers across the past hundred years, the famed Oregon drift boat was born and refined.…

9 years ago

Guile before Guns

Nearly a century ago, a deft-minded Governor Oswald West put his hand to his holster and drew out political genius…

9 years ago

The Greatest Ski Adventure

Carrying a tent, a sleeping bag and a heavy backpack, John Richard “Jack” Meissner strapped on his skis on a…

9 years ago

Highway 20: Bend to Burns

Wake up your recondite historian and geologist and the events of Highway 20 are perhaps Oregon’s most interesting combination of…

9 years ago