Category: Business

Consumer Cellular Gives Back to Fight Hunger

Portland-based company Consumer Cellular gives back by donating to help alleviate senior hunger.

Be Oregon: Oregon Pedigree With A Conscience

Be Oregon founders Zach Nutter and Patrick Wurtz celebrate the state while giving back to fight hunger.

Organic Marijuana: The Ethical Cannabis Alliance

The Ethical Cannabis Alliance is working to promote worker safety guidelines and organic standardization in a rapidly expanding industry.

Common Ground

Rural ranchers working with conservationists for the future of Oregon.

The Man Behind The Oregon Garden

Ty Boland, botanical curator at The Oregon Garden, has catalogued more than 8,000 plants at the state’s “plant zoo."

Sudara: Freedom Fashion

Keith is the CEO and founder of Sudara, a benefit corporation teaching women to sew in order to gain independence…

Oregon’s New Pioneers

People all over Oregon are launching new ideas and seeing through plans to make the world a better place. Here,…

Lemay + Rivenbark Design Lab

written by Kay K. Tacke | photos by Leah Nash Lemay + Rivenbark Design Lab is tucked into the transitional,…

Fern: A Service That Improves Your Online Dating Profile

Portland's Ladan Radafshar perfects the personal dating brand with her service, Fern.

Urban Apartments Going Up Around Oregon

Upscale urban apartments are popping up around Bend, Salem and Portland, offering luxury in the city.



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