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Anvil Academy: Teaching Oregon’s at-risk youth  old trades

The Anvil Academy helps young Oregonians find their way by training them on classical skills

Oregon Startup: Barley Buck

A new startup in Oregon is using beer byproduct to feed deer.

Has Oregon reached peak beer?

Has Oregon reached peak beer?

Oregon Growth 2017

Oregon is the top destination in the U.S. for people moving to a new state. How has Oregon growth changed…

Tetherow Golf Course to Receive Environmental Award

Tetherow’s Director of Agronomy, Chris Condon will receive the Mike Hindahl Environmental Stewardship Award from the Oregon Golf Course Superintendents…

Sunstone Mining in Oregon

The Oregon state stone, sunstone, is a unique gem prized for its brilliance. We explore the history and economics of…

Behind the Mask: Dave Dahl Launches an African Art Importing Business

At age 54, Dave Dahl is starting over. After more than two years of collecting masks and other tribal artwork,…

Rescue Diving

We spent some time with Bandon Fire District SWORA (Southwest Oregon Regional Airport) Dive Team to learn what it was…

Bend’s CeaBikinis

Hand-sewn by 24-year-old Christina Evert, CeaBikinis are almost impossible to get your hands on. A cult following swarms her Etsy…

StumpTown Kilts

If clothes make the man then kilts suggest the wearer has a corporeal level of confidence. StumpTown Kilts is a…



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