Artist in Residence


Rock’n Bow: The evolution of classically trained rock violinist Aaron Meyer

To understand Aaron Meyer’s journey from being a classical violinist to a concert rock violinist, begin by listening to his music.  
His album “The Journey … not the Destination” transports listeners to the Fiji Islands, Ireland, Arabia and Argentina. “Warming Up” shares how wine creates memories and friendships and “Two Sides to This Story” emphasizes how he and guitarist Tim Ellis work together to create their own music—edgy progressive rock with worldly flavors.  


Ode to Oregon: One Musician’s Journey

Oregon Musician Slater Smith’s “Back O’er Oregon” is an ode to the state, and he’s singing it at every state park this summer. 


Artist Anahata Katkin’s Leap of Faith

Family talents bring together business and creativity in the burgeoning Ashland-based brand Papaya!. Anahata Katkin’s works blending collage-style aesthetic, iconography,inspiring quotes and organic textures appear on 700 licensed items, from computer tablet sleeves to insulated lunch bags, journals and shopping totes.


Memorable Faces

One Oregon artist seeks meaning and familiarity in the faces of others.


Oregon’s Creative Impact

1859 sits down with Oregon’s most creative and innovative thinkers and doers.


Power & the Poster

Portland artist Joe Wirtheim mixes art with health advocacy.

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What I’m Working On

When Roland Smith was an aspiring writer attending Portland State University, he took a part-time job working with animals at a zoo.


Empty Bowls

Potters come together to create and fill bowls for those in need.