Category: Artist in Residence

Matt Wagner: Tall, Tall Trees

Matt Wagner’s sumptuous new book, Tall Trees of Paris, will leave you smitten with the working artists of Paris and…

The Luminous, Private World of Christopher Burkett

Large-format photographer Christopher Burkett prints only on Cibachrome, an expensive material that preserves photographs for up to 500 years.

The Everyman’s Designer

Aaron James Draplin is Portland’s lovable logo-making graphic artist with a cult following.

The Beauty of Bugs

Thomas Shahan is the master of bugs, using macro photography to capture their beauty in unbelievable detail.

Hector H. Hernández Casts His Career on Portland’s Walls

Hector H. Hernández is an artist with a complicated canvas.

Painting Big in the Playa

In the foothills of the Steens Mountain and minutes away from the playa of the Alvord Desert, John Simpkins paints…

Art from War

Out of clay, veterans at the LH Project, an artist residency in Joseph, shape vases and grenade-shaped teapots, targets and…

Talking About Color

When teenage Arvie Smith walked into the Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles, he couldn’t get past the receptionist.

Karen O’Brien Sees Faces in Everything

The most intriguing aspect of Karen O’Brien’s paintings are her characters’ eyes.

Threads of Inspiration at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Even before she understood all the words, Susan Tsu had a love of Shakespeare.  



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