Kate Carroll de Gutes

Kate Carroll de Gutes Finds the Right Words

Kate Carroll de Gutes, Oregon Book Award winner, writes in her book about the power of language—how it affected her ability to create her own identity.

umatilla petticoat revolution

The Ladies’ Revolution of Umatilla

In 1916, a group of seven women in Umatilla devised a plan to take over the city government. The story of their revolution lives on today.

hells canyon

Until Next Time

Adam Sawyer shares a personal story of how a rafting trip in Hells Canyon halted his health issues.

Aaron James Draplin

The Everyman’s Designer

Aaron James Draplin is Portland’s lovable logo-making graphic artist with a cult following.

northwest quilting expo

Gentlemen, Start Your Machines

The Northwest Quilting Expo will feature Men Who Quilt, a partnership of two male quilters who have built their own community in a female-dominated field.

star party, ben canales

The Oregon Star Party

OMSI hosted one of its recurring Star Parties during the Perseid Meteor Shower on August 12, 2016, accompanied Uncage the Soul Productions.

kam wah chung, john day

The Story Behind Kam Wah Chung

The Kam Wah Chung Heritage Site in John Day offers a look Oregon’s Chinese population in the 1800s.