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Hippie Oregon

Deep within the Coast Range fourteen miles east of Florence, Oregon, a dozen or so members and residents of Alpha…

The Pioneer Picnic: Oregon’s Longest-Running Community Event

Started by Oregon's pioneers in the 1800s, the Pioneer Picnic will celebrate its 130th anniversary in Brownsville this June.

Portland Night Market Creates Community

Founded in 2015, Portland Night Market fuses retail, music and culinary art inside a 108-year-old industrial warehouse in southeast Portland.

Best Places for Oregon Creatives

Creativity looks different on everyone. Here are out top picks of Oregon cities that cater to the creative class or…

Karen Ruane Lets Go With Fluid Art

To watch Karen Ruane work with paint and ink is to go into a sort of trance. Her hands gracefully…

Chris Lamb and the Eugene Opera

Christie "Chris" Lamb has been a member of Eugene Opera’s choir for thirty-four years, ever since a 1982 help-wanted ad…

DJ Spooky: Heart of a Forest

The musician Paul D. Miller, better known as DJ Spooky, is premiering a new hybrid work called the “Heart of…

Oregon: Things Look Different Here

One woman shares her personal awakening after moving from Washington, D.C. to Portland, Oregon.

Illustration with Coffee

Karen Eland paints with beer and coffee, with side projects in oils and acrylics.

Bibliophile: Brian Doyle

Brian Doyle writes about Oregon the way Oregonians want it to be: with mountains and rivers and animals and insight…



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