Category: Recipes

Home Grown Chef: Tomatoes

Home Grown Chef Thor Erickson offers a savory recipe for a roasted tomato pie that home chefs will love.

How to Make Chocolate Mint Cake Doughnuts with Ganache

A recipe from Stephanie Maier of Just a Dash Cakes in Beaverton.

Three Salmon Recipes from Chefs Around Oregon

Salmon Carpaccio, Dijon-Hoisin Salmon, and Salmon Crudo.

Delicious Huckleberry Relish Recipe

"Everywhere I looked, all I saw were huckleberries. I could not get away from them yet, at the same time,…

Cheesy Recipes

A recipe for a crumb and cheddar apple pie and Alloro's au gratin potatoes.

Home Grown Chef: Cheese

How 1859's Home Grown Chef developed 'Thor's Special Smoked' chèvre. 

Fresh Berry Scones, Hazelnut Bars and Grahams

From the baking experts.

Home Grown Chef: Baguette

'Wheat is the staff of life!'

Home Grown Chef: Buffalo

A century and a half after they were hunted to near extinction, the American buffalo has made a comeback.

Home Grown Chef: Braised Buffalo

Tim Eckard from The Heathman Restaurant & Bar in Portland shares his favorite way to cook bison. 



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