Desert Rose Martini

The Desert Rose Martini — a unique high-desert gin drink.

2 years ago

Oregon Truffle Recipes

Three Oregon truffle recipes: Truffle and Rabbit Pot Pie, Black Truffle Scalloped Potatoes and Cognac-brined Turkey with Black Truffle Butter.

3 years ago

Apple Cider Slider

A recipe for an Apple Cider Slider cocktail, provided by Tianna Brooks of Bridgewater Fresh Fish House and Zebra Bar.

3 years ago

Braised Lamb Neck with Rosemary and Preserved Lemon

Home grown chef Thor Erickson's recipe for lamb neck.

3 years ago

The Best Mutton Recipe

"Eat less meat. Eat better meat." This is the mantra of Adam Danforth, the author of Butchering Poultry, Rabbit, Lamb,…

3 years ago

Dungeness Crab Court Bouillon Recipe

Home grown chef Thor Erickson shares stories of Oregon Dungeness crab and gives you his versatile recipe for court bouillon.

3 years ago

The Fall Fig

A recipe for The Fall Fig cocktail from Ben Caruso, a bartender at Jefferson Spirits Bar in Medford.

3 years ago

Best Recipe for Veggie Tacos

Home grown chef Thor Erickson shares strategies for cooking Oregon pumpkins and his secret recipe for pumpkin tacos.

3 years ago

Baked Oregon Salmon Recipe

Home Grown Chef Thor Erickson goes on some seaworthy fishing adventures and prepares baked Salmon. Cooking salmon made easy, with…

3 years ago

Smithfields’ Bloody Mary

Smithfields Restaurant & Bar makes a bloody good bloody mary and shares its recipe with 1859.

3 years ago