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Apples: Kiyokawa Family Orchards

ON A DRY, CLEAR DAY IN THE Hood River Valley, Randy Kiyokawa steps from his blue Subaru to the fresh soil of his newest orchard. In the sky just above the cap on Kiyokawa’s head, Mt. Hood looks close enough to climb. 


THE NEW LOO: Four Oregon designers share bathrooms that supersede the trends

Whether you’re remodeling or building new, the endless choices for materials and fixtures can be overwhelming. Regardless of whether you’re springing for a new master retreat or sprucing up the family bath, the question is how to create a bathroom that will still look fresh years from now. 


The Science of Sessions

As a beer lover and beer writer in Oregon, I’m fortunate to be exposed to all the latest releases, collaborations and zany combinations breweries dream up. In the Pacific Northwest, high Alcohol by Volume (ABV) beer is the standard. The unsuspecting drinker can get caught up a proverbial creek in two or three beers’ time.


Wines That Surprise

“The only thing that should surprise me here is that some things still surprise me.” – Francois de La Rochefoucauld
Okay, so who doesn’t like a good surprise? There are few things in life more delicious than a pleasantly unexpected experience or one that exceeds your expectations. When I drink a glass of wine and discover it exists in this happy place that lies somewhere between my predictions, assumptions and reality—I realize how much I love surprises.
To be honest, not many wines surprise me these days. But when they do, it’s not something I keep to myself. The following wines are non-Pinot noir jaw-droppers that I must confess recently left me marveling at the wonder and brilliance of Oregon wine.


Practice Makes Perfect: Roast Chicken

In my house, the first of October marks the start of pre-“holiday” season. This is also the time my brother calls to tell me he is already drawing up plans for where he plans to hang the 10,000 holiday lights he owns. My sister calls to discuss who’s going to be where for which holiday and I’m already thinking about the turkey that needs roasting in less than two months’ time.
How does one prepare for roasting the Thanksgiving table pièce de résistance? Most of us, myself included, roast a turkey once a year. You either get it right on the big day, or you serve it dry and burnt and hope things go better the following year when you can’t remember what you did or didn’t do the year before. What can be done to help flex those poultry roasting muscles before it’s game time?
Two words: Roast chicken.


Wines That Go Bump in the Night

In October, scary stories are hard to resist. Oregon is known for haunted tales, including the famed Shanghai Tunnels and the Oregon Vortex (article here), but the spooky stories don’t stop there. Wineries are also a popular venue for the eerie. Ghost Hill Cellars, Argyle Winery, Owen Roe Winery and Nehalem Bay Winery all have legends that will bring goose bumps to your skin. Fortunately, their wines will soothe any nervous energy.