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Refreshed Barn In Tumalo

This refreshed barn in Tumalo has been convereted into a beautifully classic home with just the right amount of rustic style.

A New Kind Of Jello Shot from Hell-O Jello in Portland

Just because you’ve outgrown Flip Cup and Edward Forty Hands (you have, haven’t you?) doesn’t mean you have to step away from Jell-O shots. Lizzy Spanbauer opened her food cart, Hell-O Jello, this spring in Portland. The cart serves up the alcohol-filled treats with air—saucy names, silly flavors and all sorts of designs and toppings.

Modern Portland Foursquare Home In SE

Walk down any street in inner Southeast Portland and you’ll see the Foursquare. As a popular build after the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition of 1905, Foursquares stand two-and-a-half stories high, usually have a wide front porch, and eschew the ornate flourish common to their Victorian predecessors.

Dining At Canard’s In Portland

Belleville meets Burnside at two-time James Beard Award-winning chef Gabriel Rucker’s latest venture, Canard. Showcasing an ambitious and playful menu.

Farm To Table: Oregon Table Grapes

String the words “Oregon” and “grapes” together and most people immediately visualize the vines that run up and down hillsides in the state’s many wine regions.

The 4th of July in Oregon: Green and Clean

The 4th of July in Oregon: Green and Clean

America’s birthday done the Oregon way written by Isabel Max PRESERVATION OF OUR NATION’S SPIRIT is something on which Americans pride themselves. Preservation of our natural resources is something Oregonians hold dear. Making the 4th of July in Oregon a little more green has huge implications in sustainability. Use of eco-friendly products, healthier (and tastier) Oregon-made food and drink alternatives, and the addition of some new traditions can help keep the 4th of July spirit alive and sustainable for years to come. Here is a list of our favorite healthy and green tidbits and to-do’s. Happy birthday, America. LAWN GAMES The 4th of July is an excuse for adults to play lawn games. Take the opportunity! Set up a game of capture the – American – flag. Compete in a Ping Pong tournament. Divide into teams for a competitive BBQ cornhole round. Better yet, play a round of cornhole with a…

Jessi Duley; BurnCycle founder, mother of three and fitness influencer

Jessi Duley; BurnCycle founder, mother of three and fitness influencer

Jessi Duley manages three kids and a fitness empire written by Mackenzie Wilson Did you like this article? Check out more from 1859 Oregon’s Magazine. Gamechanger: Oregon Natural Desert Association Oregon Wineries: Hidden Gems Oregon Startup: Alit Wines  

Out on the Oregon (Tasting) Trail

The trail’s influence on our state can be seen in the landscape, in the rugged commitment Oregonians show to forging new paths and seeing ideas to fruition. To celebrate the 175th anniversary of those who came before us, this year you can hike among the wagon wheel ruts and visit the interpretive centers. But you can also celebrate a new Oregon Trail––the Oregon Tasting Trail.