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1859 & Dine: Comfort Food

1859 profiles three soul food joints whose fare is sure to stick to your ribs.


A Creative Accord

Two friends use salvaged and recycled materials to create an artful home from a ho-hum house


Roof to Table

Portland chef Leather Storrs and his rooftop garden


Ten No-Cook Impromptu Appetizer Ideas for the Holidays

Your halls are decked. You have a good start on your shopping. It’s the “drop by” guests that have you worried. During the holidays, when friends are more likely to stop by spur of the moment, is also when we are most strapped for time. So, what do you serve these impromptu guests when your prep time is limited?


Harvest Hands: Part II

The romance of working at a winery isn’t much different from a relationship. 


Hop, Oregon

Oregon hops are the building blocks supporting the state’s burgeoning microbrewing industry.


Olive Oil recipes

Try these recipes with some delicious Oregon olive oil.


Red Ridge Farm Bruschetta

This simple bruschetta has become an anticipated dish at the Oregon Olive Mill’s Olio Nuovo Festival.