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Garden to Glass

Landscape designer Shannon Lester, 39, has spent the past two decades creating landscapes around Oregon. She started in city planning and wetland restoration, and then spent eight years running a landscape design firm with her husband, Andrew, 41.


The Life Aquatic

Houseboat living looks pretty romantic, but it’s not for the faint of heart. First, you have to get your land legs used to the water’s movement. It’s not unusual for the lights (and people) to sway during dinner parties. Second, living on a dock often means long treks in Oregon’s winter weather between the car and home. As one homeowner puts it, “You better like wearing your raincoat and Wellies.”


The (Wine) Trail of Truth

The ancient Latin phrase in vino veritas, “in wine there is truth,” is particularly relevant for the wine experience in Oregon. Do the North Willamette Wine Trail, take in stellar views of Mt. Hood while sipping internationally recognized, award-winning wines, and discover why this is truly one of the best experiences Oregon offers. photo by Paul Loofburrow   It all awaits on the way to the coast or as a destination in itself. The North Willamette Wine Trail Weekend (April 13-14)  is but one high point in a place that epitomizes the good life in Oregon, and it reaches the height of popularity in spring and summer. It’s all laid out on the Vineyard and Valley Scenic Tour Route, a 60-mile drive along winding country roads through the lush Tualatin Valley from Sherwood to Swiss-settled Helvetia. photo by Allison George   This Oregon Scenic Byway showcases Washington County’s embarrassment of…


Taste Oregon Wine Pioneers: The Elk Cove Story

Whether you’re falling in love with Oregon’s wild, dramatic landscape for the first time, or you consider it an essential part of who you are, seeing it is one thing. To fully know it, one must taste it. And grapes, or more precisely, wine, is the single best way to do that.


Beers Made By Walking

Imagine “drinkable landscape portraits” of your favorite forests, parks and lakes in Oregon. Would you taste thimbleberry on the Pacific Crest Trail in Ashland? Could you sip the cool blue of Crater Lake? What would the Wildwood Trail in Portland’s Forest Park taste like? One man is bringing that very opportunity to beer enthusiasts across our state with Beers Made By Walking. Challenging local brewers to literally take a hike, Eric Steen connects brewers with local guides to explore regional areas, identify edible and medicinal plants along the trail, and then use the plants as inspiration for a new brew. The beers help raise money for various local, environmental, nonprofits. photo by Eric Steen Roots Organizing events on a situational and freelance basis, Steen started in 2008 with an Art & Beer event at the Portland Art Museum, where he invited Lucky Lab, Lompoc and Laurelwood Breweries to make beer…


Clean Rivers

Oregon is known as a leader in sustainability, and cities around the world are looking to rainy Portland for stormwater management. The city’s elaborate bioswale systems typically take the form of curbside gardens throughout the city and function as an alternative to sewers, capturing rainwater runoff in a sloped drainage course. The course is filled with rock and soil beds, which are planted with vegetation.   


Home Grown Chef: Honey Soy-Glazed Chicken

photo by Carrie Minns I AM IN LOVE WITH MY GAS BARBEQUE. I rely on it for large family gatherings as well as quick weeknight meals. Unfortunately, the incessant rain in the winter and spring months makes outdoor grilling less thrilling. So, what’s an Oregonian to do? Quite frankly, stay inside and make friends with her oven. While this honey soy-glazed chicken can be cooked on your grill, it tastes equally delicious baked in the oven. As a bonus, the sweet aroma from the roasting chicken that fills your home will draw family and friends into your kitchen and away from digital screens of all kinds. This dish is optimal with bone-in, skin-on chicken pieces. You can, however, make it with boneless, skinless breasts. If you do, reduce the cooking time by at least half. I’ve marinated this dish for as little as a couple of hours to more than…


Gifts for Lovers Who Love Wine

It’s always around this time of year that the conversation starts in my house.  What to do about Valentine’s Day? I, like many women, try and pretend that it isn’t important to me, but if the day rolled around and there wasn’t at least a card and a flower picked from some bush, I would probably have my feelings a little hurt. I mean, who doesn’t like to be showered with affection and sometimes roses and champagne?