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Good Bike Company in Prineville

James Good of Good Bike Company is Balancing Business, Baby and Fitness Bike shop owner learns to schedule for success written by Mackenzie Wilson  | photography by Bradley Lanphear When James Good opened a bike shop, it never crossed his mind that he’d suddenly be strapped for time to work out. Good and his wife, Natalie, relocated from Ogden, Utah, to Prineville in 2014. They were looking for somewhere rural she could continue her work as a family doctor and they could put down roots. Good wanted to live out a childhood dream. Everything fell into place—Natalie got a job at the hospital in Prineville, and an old gas station downtown was just begging to be renovated into Good Bike Co. That’s when things got hectic. When I was 10 or 11 years old, I said, ‘Someday I’m going to live in the mountains and start my own bike shop….

University of Oregon’s Acrobatics and Tumbling Team Reaches New Heights

University of Oregon’s Acrobatics and Tumbling Team is Flying High written by Sheila G. Miller | photos courtesy of UO Athletics Take cheerleading and add gymnastics. Now, get rid of the smiles and the skirts and the hair bows. That’s acrobatics and tumbling, and that’s the sport University of Oregon senior Alexis Cross is proud to be a part of. Considered an “emerging sport” by the NCAA but currently governed by an outside association and in talks to become an official NCAA-sanctioned sport, acro/tumbling is no joke. “We get rid of all the glitz and the glam of cheerleading and the leotards and hair bows of gymnastics,” she said. What’s left is the stunting part of cheer and the tumbling portion of gymnastics. The sport was created fairly recently, and only a handful of universities have teams. Oregon has been to the national championship four years straight—winning in 2014 and…