Oregon Home Grown Chef

Cinnamon Grilled Peaches (That “Taste Like Doughnuts”)

Recently, I had four ripe peaches and wanted to do something different.

6 years ago

How to Cook an Artichoke (And Dip Ideas for the Short-Order Saucier)

Carrie Minns is back with some delicious dips to spice up your next artichoke meal!

6 years ago

Strawberry Parfaits with Balsamic Vinegar and Mint

1859's Home Grown Chef talks with anticipation about her love of strawberries.

6 years ago

Make Way for Spring Greens

Spring is here and Carrie is ready to dig into her garden.

6 years ago

Home Grown Chef: Soppressata Pizza

1859's Home Grown Chef is back to share a delicious pizza recipe.

6 years ago

Not Your Childhood Hot Chocolate

As a kid, hot chocolate didn’t do much for me. I realize that seems un-Americana. What could be more reminiscent…

6 years ago

Feel-Good Blueberry Smoothie

I can admit it. I survived the holidays thanks (in part) to a little beverage we call coffee. I went…

6 years ago

Home Grown Chef: Cheesy Potatoes

Carrie shows us how to add greens to a delicious dinner dish.

6 years ago

Meal Planning: A Holiday Stress Reliever

With the holidays upon us, our evenings grow a little busier and the time for cooking dinner can feel scarce.…

6 years ago

Simple and Delicious Soup Recipes

Fall is soup season.  Homegrown Chef Carrie Minns shares her favorite recipes.

7 years ago