Designer Spotlight: Sarah Phipps

As a longtime lover of old homes and decorating with salvage, designer Sarah Phipps enjoys giving neglected houses new life.


Vintage Flair

Forget the sofa or the dining room color scheme. More than any other room, the kitchen defines the rest of the house. These two remodels incorporate historic details and thoughtful material choices to pack on the personality.


How Portland Became Known as the City of Roses

Today, the symbol of the rose is pervasive throughout the metro area. Portland’s association with this non-native flower is one of the quirks that makes the city so fascinating.

Designer Spotlight: Stan Boles

During his forty-year tenure at Boora Architects, former principle Stan Boles designed a number of striking modern beach houses along the Oregon Coast—most recently, the 360 House, a glass and steel home with virtually 360-degree views.


Mad for Mid-Century

Whether you associate the Mid-century modern aesthetic with Mad Men  or your parents’ living room, its clean lines and signature look have become iconic. Here, we admire two Mid-century homes that have been restored for the next era.


Designer Spotlight: Erez Russo

Oregon’s natural beauty is hard to resist. Just ask architect Erez Russo. “I’ve been all around the world but wound up in Portland because I fell in love with how big nature is here,” Russo said.


The Good Mod

As a kid in Indiana, Spencer Staley liked to tag along with his grandfather. “He would always take us to garage sales,” Staley recalled. “I really enjoyed it.” Staley kept up the practice when he moved to Portland in 1998, spending days off from his restaurant job cruising estate sales. On these outings, Staley was repeatedly drawn to Danish and Mid-century modern furniture. Over time, he taught himself to recognize key designers and restore damaged pieces, then selling his restored finds from his garage. By 2006, he opened his own storefront called The Good Mod. photo by Arthur Hitchcock Today, Staley’s shop has expanded to a 20,000-square-foot space downtown, complete with a showroom for his vintage furniture and a studio where he fabricates his own designs. “A lot of the things I make are not traditional,” Staley said. “I really like to experiment.” In 2013, this led to the creation of his first chair, called .001,…


A Clean Slate

Whether you prefer old world details such as a freestanding tub or a more minimalist and modern palette, these two bathrooms take a fresh spin across the style spectrum. We’re stepping inside for inspiration.