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Gentlemen, Start Your Machines

The Northwest Quilting Expo will feature Men Who Quilt, a partnership of two male quilters who have built their own…

Serenity Now

Two design firms in the Portland area share their tips for remodeling bathrooms in a functional, cohesive way.

Pollinator Plight

Writer Tricia Louvar researches the conversation around the state of bees, talking with honey producers, backyard beekeepers and scientists.

Two Homeowners Convert Their Backyards into Downtime Destinations

These smart backyard remodels show us how to create outdoor living spaces that are ready for the season’s laziest days.

The Minty Prized Pacific Northwest

The rhizome of mint freshens Oregon soil and palates.

Two Portland Gardeners Create Convivial Outdoor Spaces

Two Portland gardeners create convivial outdoor spaces.

Designer Spotlight: Jeffrey Bale

Jeffrey Bales is a self-taught mosaic artist, creating various outdoor patio installations around the state.

Building a Home Grown Garden

Ian Wilson started Portland Edible Gardens as a means for mentoring aspiring home gardeners.

A Bright Idea

An elegant, space-saving lamp.

Small Pleasures

The tiny home design movement makes a big statement.



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