Tin Tile

DIY: How to make a Tin Tile Backsplash

Tin tile offers a lot of versatility for today’s creative homeowner. Here is a basic overview for using it as a unique kitchen backsplash.

liz kamarul

Thrift Chic Portland

If you didn’t know any better you’d think Kamarul spent thousands of dollars decorating her home—but almost every piece is from a thrift shop.

elyse kopecky, running

Indulgent Nourishment

Runner and author Elyse Kopecky shares her ideology of indulgent nourishment, the theme behind her bestselling book.

passive house, jacksonville

Home Grown

The owners of a biodynamic winery build a “passive house” that embodies their ideals.

zenbox design, portland

Outside the Box

A Portland couple recasts their garage as a cozy home in the historic district

ashland renovated church

Divine Intervention

A 125-year-old church in Ashland is revived by a local couple and becomes a source of pride in the community.

green springs inn

The Green Springs Inn

The Green Springs Inn, 18 winding miles southeast of Ashland, attracts locals, tourists and travelers with a touch of adventure in their souls.