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A Creative Accord

Two friends use salvaged and recycled materials to create an artful home from a ho-hum house

The Hearth of the Home

The Hearth of the Home

When the cold winds and wet rains of winter drive us indoors, we turn to the comfort of the hearth for consolation. 


For the Love of Old Homes

Old houses are known for causing trouble—floors dip, walls crack, closets cram and kitchen appliances outlive their purpose. Houses built a hundred years ago were made for another lifestyle and, often, have had owners whose design decisions are unlivable by today’s standards. Despite the problems that come with owning historic homes, the demand for them is strong “because they have a heart and soul,” says Melody Emerick, a Portland architect who frequently works on historic homes. In the following pages, we profile three homeowners who have revamped these homes to better suit their needs while preserving that heart and soul.


A Small Space of One’s Own

Home is where the heart is, yet sometimes the heart needs creative separation from the home. Oregonians are increasingly making the split between the house and workspace with detached microstructures. These small spaces serve as offices, visitors’ quarters and quiet places for meditation. We look into four creative solutions for maintaining separation and proximity simultaneously.


A Fresh Take on 4 Bathrooms

Ever wish you could look inside everyone’s bathroom for inspiring ideas for your own remodel? We do, and we did. In this piece, we look into four distinct styles of bathrooms, from a simple powder room to a complete bathroom overhaul, all cleverly designed in their own way. Peek into the creative ideas behind a Craftsman in southeast Portland, a custom beach house in Neskowin, a lodge-style home in Bend and a contemporary abode in Lebanon, Oregon.


Energy Efficiency in Two Oregon Homes

In 2006, Corey Omey and his new bride, Deb, drew an ambitious set of plans for her 995-square-foot, 1925 cottage in the Overlook neighborhood. Their goal was to create a more energy efficient home with natural light, open spaces for the gathering of friends, personal character and warmth.


Fusion in Two Kitchen Remodels

When Greg and Lisa Waggoner began plans to remodel their house, they knew they wanted their home to be a harmonious blend between rustic country style and industrial modern chic. Greg had worked for years as a graphic designer at a manufacturing company, and Lisa had an interior design degree from Marylhurst University—relevant backgrounds to make it happen.