Energy Efficiency in Two Oregon Homes

In 2006, Corey Omey and his new bride, Deb, drew an ambitious set of plans for her 995-square-foot, 1925 cottage in the Overlook neighborhood. Their goal was to create a more energy efficient home with natural light, open spaces for the gathering of friends, personal character and warmth.


Fusion in Two Kitchen Remodels

When Greg and Lisa Waggoner began plans to remodel their house, they knew they wanted their home to be a harmonious blend between rustic country style and industrial modern chic. Greg had worked for years as a graphic designer at a manufacturing company, and Lisa had an interior design degree from Marylhurst University—relevant backgrounds to make it happen.


Coastal Home Goes Green

For most people, integrating reclaimed wood into a new home isn’t personal. For Terry and Teresa Hancock, the choice to include Douglas fir timbers for the columns and beams of their Neskowin beach cabin on the Oregon Coast—in addition to the interior framing, wall paneling, flooring, stairs and ceiling—was a meaningful way to honor a piece of family history.


Handcrafted Furniture

In a world overrun by expendable, mass-produced tables and chairs, a piece of handcrafted furniture offers an enduring experience and the opportunity to buy locally and sustainably. Here in Oregon, a cult of ambitious, talented craftsmen offer a range of designs that look like art, act like furniture and stand up admirably to time. We share the varied work of three extraordinary furniture-makers.


Three Home Renovations

Three daunting renovation projects in Bend, Hood River and Portland bring short-term challenge and long-term satisfaction to their inhabitants. 1859 looks behind the walls of two century-old structures and a Queen Anne Victorian farmhouse that dates to 1884.


Tree House Dwellers

At any age, the lure of a tree house is undeniable.Modern versions come in all styles and sizes, from the humble platform to the luxurious weekend retreat, complete with indoor plumbing and electricity.


Creating an Outdoor Oasis

As the days lengthen and the temperatures warm, there’s nothing nicer than getting home and kicking back in your outdoor room. Whether you have $500, $5,000 or $30,000, you can create a summertime oasis in your backyard.

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Silverton: Oregon’s Garden City

Silverton rolls out of the Cascades to the west and over valley soils that support sheep farms, tree nurseries, a handful of vineyards and other agriculture. Fifteen miles west lies the state capitol, Salem, and forty-five miles north is Portland. Silverton takes after neither. Depending on where you look, Silverton is a sliver of artistic Ashland, a dash of Dundee wine country and dose of Eugene oddity.


A Tale of Two Gardens

One Willamette Valley flower garden. One vegetable garden in the Valley. Though the appeal and missions of these settings are completely different, they share the beauty and the best practices of hobby and professional horticulturists.


Sustainable Design in Two Oregon Homes

Sustainable design and low-impact living in two small Oregon homes. Two of the most important considerations are building small and using the right ‘Finish-ing’ elements.