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Category: Home+Garden

Oregon Products for the Modern Farmhouse Feel

These products are prefect for creating the modern farmhouse feel.

Oregon Home and Design DIY: Create a Modern Wood Accent Wall

Warm up a room with this rustic design project

Oregon Home and Design: Creating a Family Connection in Eugene

Oregon Home and Design: A Modern Family Hub in Eugene

Oregon Home and Design: The Family Property in West Linn

Oregon Home and Design: A Family Home in West Linn

Two Solar Homes in Oregon

We investigate two homes, one in Hood River and the other in Happy Valley, who…

Oregon Design: Urban Shelter

Three city dwellers share their stylish refuges Whether you’re renting or buying, sometimes the hardest…

DIY Design: Great Gatsby Glamour

These exceptional products lend a Gatsby era glamor to your home design project.

Home Design DIY: Mastering a Personal Mix

Decorating your home can be a form of self expression with these five design tips.

Oregon Home and Design: Portland

Oregon Home and Design: preserving and celebrating the past.

Build Your Own Outdoor Sauna

With the down-to-earth Northwest lifestyle, it’s no wonder more Oregonians are investing in building their…