Spirit of Choice: Chinato

When first passing through the lips, the word Chinato can sound more like a sneeze than something describing the perfect after dinner drink. Not too sweet, not too bitter, herbal, floral, spicy and 100% delicious, this vermouth-like liquid is pronounced kee-NOT-oh. A delicacy that can be appreciated by both lovers of wine and spirit, Chinato origins trace back to Italy’s Piedmont region, where it is made from the Nebbiolo grape.


Savoring Blackberries

Sam and Cathy Pennington encountered a series of strange messages when they moved from Colorado to Oregon in 1994. “We kept seeing all these signs that said, ‘blackberry removal,” Cathy Pennington says. “We found it really perplexing. Why would anyone want to remove blackberries?”


Blackberry Ice Cream

Infuse your homemade ice cream with Oregon blackberries for a localvore kick to dessert.


The Best Crisp Recipe Ever

Our delicious crisp recipe has a 40 minute prep time and stays fresh in the freezer for up to a month…


1859 & Dine: Mexican Food

1859 reviews the best of Oregon’s myriad Mexican food offerings, from a Portland taqueria to a truck in Medford.


Behind the Scenes of the July/August Cover Shoot

Contributing photographer Amanda Conde and 1859’s design team, Aimee Jameson and Guy Olson, took to the backroads of Central Oregon to photograph Homegrown Chef Carrie Cook Minns for the July/August cover. Hilarity ensued.