Holy Cannoli! Wicked Italian

Brynn goes Italian and tries the cannoli at Holy Cannoli! Wicked Italian. Peter Clemenza would approve.


Southwestern Pizza Company

Pizza from a food cart? Brynn reviews the Southwestern Pizza Company’s pies.


Exemplary Wine Tours and Tastings in the Willamette Valley

There are winery tours and tastings and then there are winery TOURS and TASTINGS. These personalized, private, sit down, food paired super tours are showing up in some of Oregon’s premium wineries including Domaine Serene, Domaine Drouhin, WillaKenzie Estate, Bergström, Adelsheim and Archery Summit. These are more than just tastings and tours; they are heightened wine experiences that dive into the heart of winemaking, comparative tastings and even food pairings. Each private tasting and tour is limited to an intimate number of people for a personalized experience. They range in price from $30-$75, and most places offer discounts or waived fees for their wine club members. They are available by reservation only and take place just a few times a day (sometimes only a few days a week). Affordable and wholly enjoyable, this is the way to do wine country. Two stand outs in the crowd are Domaine Serene’s series of tasting options and Domaine Drouhin’s comparative experience.


Simple Summer Meal of Garlic Shrimp and Cool Cucumber Salad

Ah, summer, the season that should be a time of rest and relaxation. The reality: most of us spend our summer trying to cram in sightseeing “vacations,” concerts in the park, a few days at the beach, hiking in the mountains, a weekend in the Gorge and so on. And if you have kids, then even more of your relaxation time is devoured driving them around. This frenetic pace not only leaves us dizzy, but depleted of energy for making dinner. And guess what, your in-laws called and they are coming for dinner tonight. What are you going to make?


Viking Soul Food

Brynn is back with a review of Scandinavian-inspired food cart Viking Soul Food, located in Southeast Portland. Oregon meets Norway in this delicious collision of cuisines.


Grilled Cheese Grill

This week Brynn goes for the most comfortable of comfort food, the grilled cheese. The Grilled Cheese Grill on Northeast Alberta isn’t mom’s kitchen, but its grilled cheese sandwiches and soups might be the next best thing.


8 Ways to Make Grilled Chicken This Summer

During the warm summer months, most people answer the question, “What’s for dinner tonight?” with “Let’s throw some chicken on the grill.” Boneless, skinless breasts are purchased, pounded flat, seasoned with salt and pepper, brushed with olive oil, and grilled over direct medium heat for 10-12 minutes. Now what?
Take your boring grilled chicken breasts in one of these easy and delicious directions for a quick summer meal.


Spirit of Choice: Chinato

When first passing through the lips, the word Chinato can sound more like a sneeze than something describing the perfect after dinner drink. Not too sweet, not too bitter, herbal, floral, spicy and 100% delicious, this vermouth-like liquid is pronounced kee-NOT-oh. A delicacy that can be appreciated by both lovers of wine and spirit, Chinato origins trace back to Italy’s Piedmont region, where it is made from the Nebbiolo grape.


The Best Crisp Recipe Ever

Our delicious crisp recipe has a 40 minute prep time and stays fresh in the freezer for up to a month…