Curried Pear Gastrique

Use this pear-based sauce to spice up a bland dinner this fall.


Inside the Wine Crush

Winemakers were pacing the vines, checking the weather reports constantly, hoping sunshine would prevail for a spell—just long enough to goose the sugar level in this Pinot noir harvest. At Vista Hills Vineyard, winemaker Dave Petterson was beyond his comfort zone. It was already weeks beyond a typical harvest date and yet the crop hung in the cool fall rain and fog.


Pear Ginger Chutney

Serve this pear appetizer for some local flavor at your next get together.


Au Pear

The humble Oregon pear rarely gets its due. The subtle fruit is often overshadowed by the flashy berry or its more popular cousin, the apple. Since pears come late in the growing season, they may get ignored by canners vying for that last box of tomatoes or kids stampeding for the pumpkin patch.


Home Grown Chef: Pears

My earliest memories of the sumptuous pear have little resemblance to how I enjoy Oregon’s treasured state fruit today.


Celery Root Puree with Anjou Pear

When summer fades and the markets fill with fall fruits and roots, make this savory-sweet purée of pears and celery root, a perfect accompaniment to roast pork tenderloin or to pork of any kind.


Rip City Grill

In Brynn’s final Food Cartographer blog she tries the tri-tip at Rip City Grill.