Game Day: Pickled

Autumn brings the convergence of two camps: gardeners and football fans. Your tomatoes are ripening while your alma mater is taking the field, creating the perfect conditions for game-day salsa. Here’s the call: chop the tomatoes, throw them in a food processor with some spicy pickles (such as Duker’s Dills Hot Pickles), salt, cilantro and lime to taste and blend away. This spicy option will be a huge score with your friends.


Joseph Oregon

Mutiny Brewing Company | The new brewery in town not only has a solid beer list, but a menu that surpasses most brewpubs.   Embers Brewhouse | Summer in Joseph is practically defined by sitting on the patio with a beer and a pizza at this local brewhouse. Live music on the outdoor stage is a nice compliment to the unobstructed view of the mountains. Old Town Cafe | 541.432.9898 The wait can be long, but breakfast in this tiny cafe is worth the wait.   R& R Drive-In | 541.432.9000 Fast food never tasted so good. The independently owned burger and ice cream joint serves cones this size of the Wallowas for less than a buck.   Vali’s Alpine Restaurant | Fine dining, alpine style. Check the website and make a reservation, because this cozy restaurant is tiny and only serves one Central European dish per night.  …


Oregon Harvest

Wild salmon and tuna dart just below the surface of rivers and the ocean. Edible mushrooms push up through the forest floor. Ripe fruit and veggies hang in orchards and fields. Grapes blush before the crush.
The choices for enjoying the harvest season are limited only by one’s time and budget. To help our readers navigate this bounty, 1859 hand-picked eight ways to celebrate the season’s riches—including harvest festivals in September and October.


Growler Revolution

Hang on to your hops, beer is on the move—and not just in bottles and cans.


Summer Riesling

It has been around for hundreds and hundreds of years. It sparkles; it can be sweet; it can be dry; it ages remarkably well; it’s a great date for nearly any meal and it is inspiring passionate endorsement by a new generation. Some are even going as far as to dawn tattoos excitedly praising its name. (Okay, temporary tattoos.) No, it isn’t a vampire from the Twilight series, its Riesling.
The white grape has been grown in parts of Europe, most notably Germany, for generations. More recently the Willamette Valley is getting into the game. Local restaurants, not to be left out, have started participating in the international campaign “Summer of Riesling.”


The Wine Road Less Traveled

In pursuit of Willamette Valley wine, wineries along the Highway 99 corridor tend to get lots of love. And what’s not to love? There is an amazing selection of conveniently located wineries along this stretch of road. Stray a bit off the beaten track, though, and you’ll discover an alternative wine route that steers you away from congestion and toward accessible, peaceful and lesser-known experiences instead.


Autumn Harvest Recipes

Delicious, seasonal, and local flavors to get you in the fall spirit …….


Oregon Growlers

Craft brews, right down the road.