symons beef company, madras

The Art of Beef

Symons Beef Company in Madras and Sisters Meat and Smokehouse work hand-in-hand. From hoof to home, this story chronicles a cycle of local beef in Oregon.

beer bottle shop

Your Gift Guide to International Beers

Perhaps it’s time to get into the holiday spirit and give worldly gifts in nicely capped brown glass packages. After all, they fit perfectly in a stocking.

Jasper Sisco Wines

Jasper Sisco Wines owner Justin Paul Russell’s great-grandfather, Jasper Sisco, was a West Virginia coal miner.

crabbing, astoria

Dungeness Crab Court Bouillon Recipe

Home grown chef Thor Erickson shares stories of Oregon Dungeness crab and gives you his versatile recipe for court bouillon.

beaujolais nouveau, portland

Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau in Portland

The tradition of Beaujolais Nouveau originated in the Beaujolais region of France and is now celebrated around the world on the third Thursday of November.

applegate valley trip planner

Oregon Travel: Applegate Valley

The Applegate Valley is Shangri-la for the Oregon wine lover. Encircled by the Siskiyou Mountains, it provides a hospitable setting for grape growers.

michael dallas miller, mind and body

Clearing the Mind

Michael Dallas Miller found that cooking helped him to handle his depression and anxiety, and trail running boosted his mood.