oregon stout

Embrace the Stout on St. Patrick’s Day

Stouts derived from the dark porters of seventeenth-century England. That diversity lends itself to an array of flavor profiles that continue to surprise lighter beer drinkers.

Desert Rose Martini

The Desert Rose Martini — a unique high-desert gin drink.


Authentic Irish Fare in Oregon

Plenty of “Irish pubs” actually serve American fare. Then there are authentic Irish joints serving real-deal dishes inspired by the Emerald Isle.

Farm to Fit

Healthy Food Delivery in Portland

Farm to Fit in Portland offers an ingenious food delivery service that combines farm-fresh fare and calorie counting.

tillamook ice cream

Foods That Made Oregon Famous

In celebration of our great state’s birthday, here are some famous food products cultivated or originated in Oregon.

14 Things We Love About Oregon

From groundbreaking beer to breathtaking scenery, these are a few of the things that make Oregon the best place to live.

Beers We Fell in Love With

I know there are other born-again beer drinkers out there, so I asked a few to share their “gateway” stories and the beers they are in love with now.

Dion Vineyards

The God of the Harvest and Wine

Of course, in the wine business, it’s Dionysus who looms large—the god of the harvest and wine, and the namesake of Dion Vineyard in Cornelius.


Oregon Truffles

Oregon forests produce three main varieties of truffles: winter white, spring white and black. Come on a truffle hunt in the Oregon forest with us!