14 Things We Love About Oregon

From groundbreaking beer to breathtaking scenery, these are a few of the things that make Oregon the best place to live.

Beers We Fell in Love With

I know there are other born-again beer drinkers out there, so I asked a few to share their “gateway” stories and the beers they are in love with now.

Dion Vineyards

The God of the Harvest and Wine

Of course, in the wine business, it’s Dionysus who looms large—the god of the harvest and wine, and the namesake of Dion Vineyard in Cornelius.


Oregon Truffles

Oregon forests produce three main varieties of truffles: winter white, spring white and black. Come on a truffle hunt in the Oregon forest with us!

rally pizza

Oregon’s Craziest Desserts

Cure your next wacky dessert fix with elaborate frozen custard from Rally Pizza, funky doughnuts from Voodoo or chocolate-covered xurros from 180pdx.

The State of Coffee

Oregon coffee drinkers get riotous about their roasted beans. We explore the art of roasting and why Oregonians are so coffee literate.

Oregon Truffle Recipes

Three Oregon truffle recipes: Truffle and Rabbit Pot Pie, Black Truffle Scalloped Potatoes and Cognac-brined Turkey with Black Truffle Butter.